Boutique Style VIP 

Boutique Style VIP is a 1 on 1 wardrobe and style service that will transform your style, closet, attitude and mindset.  

Strategically build your wardrobe and style to reflect who you are and what you want in life. 

Change your style, change your life.


Step 1: Collect the facts - Tell me about your life. Who are you and what are your commitments and activities.  

Step 2: Find your style - Where are you at with your current style and where would you like to go?  

Step 3: Clothing and accessories edit - I'll visit you in person to edit your closet. You will try on everything in your wardrobe.  

Step 4: Shopping - I'll give you a list of what's missing in your closet and what can extend what you already own.  

Step 5: Styling -We'll meet again and style several outfits for all your work and social commitments. I'll create your LOOK BOOK so you will have a an easy reference in planning your outfits.  

Step 6: Closet Organization - I'll teach you how to organize your closet so that getting dressed is easy.  

****Boutique Style is ONLY for clients in Southern California****

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