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Hello! I’m Susan McDonald and I’m a Jewelry Stylist. I help women who get their style groove back. Maybe you have a new job or are newly single or have the time to look better dressed now that your children are more independent. I have spent 14 years working with hundreds of women curate, organize and style their jewelry collections. In 60 minutes I can help you look confident at work, memorable at your next speaking gig, great at a summer wedding and fabulous on your next date. Start wearing your jewelry more, look good and feel good!

How to style and layer necklaces featuring pearls

Here some of my favorite necklace styling tips with a special focus on pearls in honor of Pearl Week. Enjoy!...
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How To Wear A Brooch And Why The Brooch Is The Queen Of The Jewelry Box

Do you play chess? I used to play. I remember that the Queen is the most unrestricted playing piece on the chess board. She can move horizontally, vertically, and diagonally. She can also move as many number of squares as she likes. She has more freedom and...
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Get The Look: Taylor Swift’s Glamorous Jewelry As Seen In September Vanity Fair

Taylor Swift looks simply smashing in the upcoming September issue of Vanity Fair. I was immediately intrigued with the preview of these photos I found on line and am thrilled that you can all copy the jewelry looks with vintage costume jewelry from Susan Jane Jewels!...
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Get The Look: Fall Jewelry Trends As Seen In July Vogue

Did you see all the gorgeous jewelry featured in the July issue of Vogue? I loved the editorial called Belles & Whistles which featured upcoming fall trends including collar necklaces, brooches and chandelier earrings. I loved all the pieces they showed and took...
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Get The Look: C Magazine Cover Gucci Necklace

Spied a very cool necklace on the recent cover of C Magazine. The one shown on the model is by Gucci and around $1695. I recently found an excellent, similar piece with 3 knots. Here’s another great way to way to wear a timeless vintage piece that is totally...
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Brooch Trick and the Olsen Twins at the Met Gala!

I’m still sifting through some of the glamorous photos from the recent Met Gala. I was thrilled to come across photos of the Olsen twins and how Mary Kate wore a couple of related brooches on her coat! Check out the photos below! All the jewelry on by Mary Kate...
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“For years, most of my jewelry remained stashed away in my jewelry box while I wore the same pieces over and over. In a word, I was uninspired and I needed help to get out of the slump. I heard about Susan from a friend of mine who worked with her as a jewelry consultant. On the day of our session, I dug out all my jewelry and laid it out on the table. Our session was amazing!”


Karen Wilson, Carlsbad California

What are you waiting for? Get your jewelry collection out, fasten your necklaces, brooches, bracelets and earrings it’s going to be a glamorously styled ride!

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